Case Study
Customer: Dodman Ltd./Planet Dryers Ltd.
Application: Snack Food Drying
Product: Lanemark FD

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  Snack Food Drying – Meeting A Continuous Heating Need With Lanemark Burners
31 August 2009

Excellent fuel efficiency and high levels of control, arising from the use of process gas burner systems from Lanemark International Ltd., are key factors in the design of specialist snack food drying equipment supplied by Planet Dryers Ltd who have their machinery manufactured at Dodman Ltd. The company offers an extensive range of systems for various products, and in many cases, extensive use is made of Lanemark’s forced-draught (FD) burner design. This not only provides consistent and reliable process heat, but also enables Planet Dryers to align their equipment designs with changing market trends.

“The burners’ modulating control design, providing a wide differential between maximum and minimum burner firing rates, helps to optimise the operational efficiency as it significantly reduces the need for the production machines to be repeatedly stopped and started. Importantly, this can translate into cash savings which are arguably more important today than ever,” explains Tony Hornsby – Senior Designer at Dodman’s Kings Lynn manufacturing plant. “Equally, the ability of the Lanemark burners to operate with natural gas or propane is a significant point. Some 90% of the machines sold by Planet Dryers Ltd. are destined for export markets where choice of fuel is a key consideration,” he adds.

Tony Hornsby draws attention to a typical continuous design to demonstrate the role played by the Lanemark FD burner. A unit, which is designed to process up to 1,000 kgs of cereal per hour, utilises a single Lanemark FD 10 burner rated at 350kW. It fires directly into the lower level of the processing chamber, rapidly raising the temperature from ambient to 190°C. A continuous feed conveyor then transports the cereal products, loaded to a depth of approximately 100 mm, via multiple passes through the machine.

“The mesh design of the conveyors allows the heat to move up through the chamber so that at the higher levels, the temperature has dropped to approx 90°C,” continues Tony Hornsby. “The fact that the targeted temperature levels are controlled to within 2°C throughout is extremely important as product quality can often depend upon processing time and heating control.”

The 15 to 20% moisture content contained in the products after manufacture needs to be reduced to below 2% before packaging – a key requirement achieved by the Planet Dryers designs –

“The selection of our FD burners to meet precise application requirements – with the installation Tony Hornsby describes being just one example – allows the same levels of controllability and heat efficiency to be brought to the full range of equipment manufactured by Dodman,” comments Lanemark’s General Manager, Adrian Langford.

“This is a highly specialist market not only because of the precise heating levels required, but also as a result of the continuous operational environment. The reliability of our burner designs and their ability to deliver and maintain the optimum air temperature levels, make them ideally suited for this type of application and we are delighted that this is acknowledged by one of the leading manufacturers in the field,” he concludes.