Case Study
Customer: B G Penny & Co. Ltd.
Application: Refurbished Oven Heating
Product: Lanemark FD-C

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  High Controllability And Lower Energy Costs – Leading Powder Coating Specialist Gains From Lanemark Burner Technology
31 August 2008

The highly accurate control and economic efficiency of process oven heating technology from Lanemark international Ltd. has enabled one of the country’s leading powder coating subcontractors to enhance the quality of its services to customers while, at the same time, helping to minimise energy consumption.

The installation, at Coventry-based B G Penny & Co. Ltd., is centred on a ‘box oven’, which operates primarily in conjunction with the company’s powder coating facilities. The direct-fired Lanemark FD-15CN-3 burner system has been installed on the existing oven as a retro-fit operation allowing the company to make the most of its current facilities, and is already proving highly reliable and effective.

With customers throughout the UK and overseas in industries from architectural steel work to engineering and vehicle production, B G Penny offers a comprehensive and proven service. Its powder coating line, which can accommodate polyester, epoxy or nylon material dependent upon the project and nature of the substrate, sits adjacent to the box oven that now benefits from the Lanemark installation. When required, the facility also interfaces directly with the company’s wet paint line to provide it with a choice of drying processes for a significant percentage of its throughput.

“Access into the oven is via a manual overhead conveyor rail with products suspended on hooks underneath,” comments Works Manager, Malcolm Penny. “This means that relatively larger and heavier items can be processed which, because of the resultant variation in substrate density and shape, places great emphasis on the need for high levels of controllability and heating consistency. To date, the Lanemark installation has been completely effective with extremely consistent product quality levels. Given the importance customers correctly attach to these requirements, particularly as our involvement is often at the end of the manufacturing process, it has clearly helped us to develop our service capability.”

The Lanemark FD-15CN-3 operates using natural gas and fires directly into a combustion chamber with an external air intake filter also specified to minimise the risk of material entering the burner. A process air circulation fan then ensures optimum airflow around the oven with heated air re-used – making a significant contribution to reducing energy costs.

“Typically, a programme cycle will last some 20 minutes and will need to retain a temperature of between 200 and 220ºC,” adds Malcolm Penny. “This control, added to the benefit of rapid heat-up times and also the need, on occasions, to operate the oven 24 hours a day, means that the impact of rising gas consumption costs is being

The retro-fit installation has been supplied to B G Penny with the benefit of Lanemark’s BurnerCare `Service Agreement` package. “This ensures that regular scheduled maintenance procedures are undertaken supported with ongoing access to spares and advice for the customer,” comments Lanemark’s Sales Director, Jeff Foster. “This is a vital service which a wide range of our customers sign up to in order to minimise the risk of production downtime due to breakdown problems arising.

“The box oven on site, which measures 5m x 3m x 3m, is one of a number of units of varying sizes operated by B G Penny but because of its controllability and versatility, plays a key role in the company’s ongoing success. We are delighted to be involved with the organisation and believe the facility is an excellent demonstration of the performance and economic benefits of our FD burner range,” concludes Jeff Foster.