Case Study
Customer: Precision Aircraft Ltd.
Application: Refurbished Oven Heating
Product: Lanemark FD-E

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  Lanemark Process Gas Burner Refurbishment Helps To Deliver Stringent Quality Objectives
31 December 2009

The benefits of gas process air heating systems from Lanemark International Ltd. are now proving a key element in the high quality production processes operated by specialist manufacturer, Precision Aircraft Ltd.

Supplying many of the world’s leading names in this highly demanding sector, Reading-based Precision Aircraft has turned to Lanemark to optimise its oven heating capability which operates in conjunction with its wet paint processes. Importantly, the work has been centred on refurbishing an existing oven which has helped to keep project costs down while still helping the manufacturer meet specific production parameters required by many of its customers.

Using natural gas, a 220kW Lanemark FD-E forced draught burner system has now been installed on an existing box oven at the site which handles a range of product designs and materials, from aluminium and steel to copper and brass. All are now subjected to highly accurate temperature control allowing optimum quality to be achieved with each component – clearly a central requirement in the aerospace sector.

Michael Welfare is Managing Director of Precision Aircraft and highlights the importance of accurate and reliable process heating during the production process.

“In the vast majority of cases, the components we produce are designed for functional or performance objectives rather than for aesthetic reasons,” he says. “This means that coating integrity, such as thickness, has to meet the most stringent criteria, many of which are specified as part of the formal approvals that we hold for key manufacturers in the industry such as Messier Dowty and the GE Group.

“Because the Lanemark burner provides consistent and reliable heat, we can be confident that this key area of product manufacturing is of the highest calibre,” he adds. Michael Welfare also underlines Lanemark’s ability to install burner equipment into an existing oven at the site which has helped keep the required investment cost to a minimum – perhaps of greater importance today than ever before.

“The accuracy of the system has also enhanced Precision Aircraft’s ability to provide components using specialist materials such as Xylon where particularly high drying and curing temperatures are needed,” adds Lanemark’s Process Burner Division General Manager, Adrian Langford. “Because approvals and traceability are vital parts of this industry, we have also connected the burner system to a data recorder, allowing the organisation to provide a hard copy of each heating operation for their customers’ records.

“We believe this is an excellent example of our FD oven burner technology enhancing an existing system – in this case, the oven was originally fitted with a traditional cone burner – to meet some of the highest performance standards required in manufacturing,” continues Adrian Langford.

“The vast majority of the company’s components are supplied as part of pre-packaged kits, containing up to 100 individual items, which are delivered direct to their customers’ manufacturing lines. Quality is fundamental throughout, and I am delighted to report that our burner system is now making a key contribution to this important objective,” he concludes.