Case Study
Customer: MetoKote
Application: Metal Coating
Product: Lanemark FD & Tank Heating

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  Lanemark Process Heating Brings Key Benefits To Both Refurbished And New Plant For Leading Coating Specialist
30 September 2007

Clear cut advantages arising from the use of process gas burner technology from Lanemark International Ltd. – on both existing and new plant – are now in evidence at two installations operated by leading coating applications specialists MetoKote UK Ltd. Lanemark tank and oven heating systems
are now central to processing operations at MetoKote’s Daventry premises, where they have played a key role in process line refurbishment, and also at the company’s Telford site.

Steam boiler replacement, with marked improvements in efficiency and operating control, is at the heart of the Lanemark installation at the Daventry location. Here, three Lanemark TX burner systems are used directly on the pretreatment process line to heat two spray cleaning stages (320 kW and 420 kW) and a zinc phosphate spray stage (600 kW). An additional TX burner (60 kW) is also used indirectly for paint preheat via a combined heating and cooling water circulation system. In each case the TX burner fires into a submerged small diameter immersion tube heat exchanger that is sealed by flanged connections into the side wall of the process tank.

Operating efficiencies typically in excess of 80% – more than the original steam facility – are achieved in all TX burner installations as a result of the use of Lanemark’s unique TxCalc heat loss and immersion tube heat exchanger design program.

“We provide both a planned and an ad hoc electro-coating service at the Daventry site so demand and throughput levels can vary,” comments Tom Blood, MetoKote’s Maintenance Manager. “The ability, therefore, to hold process tank temperatures accurately is very important – the paint, for example,
needs to be maintained at 30ºC all year round and in this example Lanemark’s heating arrangement works ‘hand in hand’ with a complementary cooling system which takes over in the summer months.” “We believe the project at Daventry – which was installed by pipework specialists Clearwater Technologies Ltd. – demonstrates the ability of our technology to enhance the efficiency of an existing installation,” comments Lanemark’s Process Burner Division’s General Manager, Adrian Langford. “The line has provided many years’ service for MetoKote and is now helping to maintain high levels of efficiency and control.”

Clearwater Technologies was also involved with the installation of the pipework services at the new facility at Telford that features a series of 7 m long tanks that provide an electro-coating facility during the manufacture of chassis units for a major OEM. This new plant was designed and installed by MetoKote’s parent company, MetoKote Corporation, Lima, Ohio, USA.

“Individual chassis are transported through the tank line on carriages before moving on to a series of pre-assembly stages including, for example, ‘bushing’,” comments MetoKote’s Plant Manager at the site, Glenn Jukes. “It is a highly intensive process which commonly operates across three shifts with the system active up to 99% of the time. To date, the Lanemark installations have met this ongoing operational requirement.”

Again, Lanemark TX in-tank heating systems are central to the operation with a spray cleaner, two dip cleaning stages and a zinc phosphate tank all benefiting from TX 60 installations each rated at 600 kW. As at Daventry, paint preheat and summer cooling is provided via a water circulation system. The complete skid-mounted water tank TX burner system was supplied by Lanemark.

“We have also supplied three forced-draught FD process air heating burners, each rated at 880 kW, which are mounted in the roof section of a large curing oven located immediately after the painting stage,” continues Adrian Langford. “The MetoKote facility at Telford also benefits from an ongoing maintenance contract provided by our BurnerCare Service Division,” he adds, “which is of particular note given the importance of the electro-coating process to the overall operation and its continuous use.”

With the quality of the painting process and the ability to meet variations in demand consistently both paramount, the specification of Lanemark process gas burners was only taken after detailed consideration was given to a range of possible heating methods. The decision to opt for Lanemark technology pays testimony both to the burner system design and to the support service available from a manufacturer whose specialist approach allows it to work closely with its customers to meet precise operational requirements – with the two MetoKote sites being prime examples.