Case Study
Customer: Phipps Northampton Brewery Company
Application: Micro-Brewery Process Heating
Product: TX 25EN

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  Local Brewery Development Gains From Lanemark Process Gas Heating Installation
30 November 2014

The rejuvenation of a small local brewery, with echoes from the early 1800’s, is gaining from the commitment to the latest high quality production processes – including a process gas heating system supplied by Lanemark Combustion Engineering Ltd. The new facility, which brings the Phipps Northampton Brewery Company’s production back home, has also reinvigorated a long established brewing location in the town and is now set up to produce 15 barrels per brew run – each some sixty 9-gallon casks – three times per week.

“The heating process is centred on the brewing copper which receives water from the mash tun and needs to achieve specific temperature levels,” comments Lanemark Combustion Engineering’s General Manager, Adrian Langford. “This includes the raising of the water temperature from 67°C to 99°C followed by a rolling boil over two hours during which hops are added. Importantly, the speed of this process is enhanced by the performance of the burner which also maintains the required boiling agitation – a key factor in ensuring the ideal creation of the beer’s flavour.”

He points out that the Lanemark TX 25(EN), rated at 110 kW, fires through the wall of the 2,600 litre copper into a four-turn helical coil located at the base of the vessel. This is designed to ensure heat is delivered evenly, with the modulating gas and air burner control enabling the brewer to make accurate adjustments at the adjacent burner control panel.

“We paid close attention to the question of whether to use electrical or gas heating methods during the specification process,” comments Mel Tudno-Jones, Brewery Manager at the Phipps site. “With the benefit of our Head Brewer’s experience, we opted for gas because this ensures the burning of sugar is kept to a minimum – the heat flux density is markedly lower with the gas coil than with an electrical alternative.” With the decision taken by Phipps, Johnson Brewing then undertook the installation of the complete brewing facility, including the Lanemark system.

Now producing a range of brands, including two recent additions, ‘Steamroller’ and ‘Last Orders’, Phipps Brewery is planning to re-introduce a number of its classic historical recipes in the near future, including the award winning Ratliffe’s Celebrated Stout, due this winter. The Lanemark gas burner system design is ideally specified to accommodate the planned growth.

“We believe this is an extremely exciting time in the history of the Phipps Northampton Brewery Company, particularly given the extensive historical links associated with the Albion Brewery and the brewing legacy at the site,” adds Mel Tudno-Jones. “We are firmly committed to using high efficiency processing systems and our decision to opt for gas heating – in particular the use of the Lanemark Combustion Engineering burner system – is a good demonstration of this principle in practice.”