Case Study
Customer: Pheasantry Brewery
Application: Micro-Brewery Process Heating
Product: TX30

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  Lanemark Process Gas Burner System Helps To Optimise Micro-Brewery Efficiency
31 July 2013

A commitment to using the best available equipment has seen a Lanemark process gas burner system installed at the heart of a new micro-brewery now operational near Newark in Nottinghamshire.  The Pheasantry Brewery, which currently produces both dark and bitter real ales in a ten barrel capacity facility, points to the excellent heat up and control characteristics of the Lanemark burner installation as being a key factor in its brewing efficiency. 

Installed via AB UK, who are responsible for specifying all of the brewing equipment at the site, the Lanemark system is installed on the copper which boils wort drawn from the mash tun before fermentation takes place in six separate vessels.

“Efficiency has been the key watchword throughout the brewery design – both in terms of energy consumption and process control,” comments Pheasantry Brewery Director, Mark Easterbrook.  “The Lanemark burner has demonstrated a low gas consumption level together with fast heat up rates – switching on when the liquid level in the copper reaches a minimum level – and is fully heated by the time it has reached its full 1028mm depth.”

Adrian Langford, General Manager at Lanemark International, highlights the key facts of the installation at the brewery –

“We have installed a 100 kW rated TX 30 modulating gas and air burner system which fires through the wall of the 1425 mm diameter copper into a submerged tubular heat exchanger which is arranged in three circuits within the vessel.  An exhaust fan pulls the products of combustion through the tube to ensure optimum distribution of heat,” he says. 

During the initial warm up phase from 60°C to just under 100°C, the system is controlled automatically via a digital temperature controller, wired to a stainless steel immersion temperature sensor.  Manual control is then selected on the temperature controller to set exactly the required propane gas and combustion air inputs in conjunction with a variable speed drive that is connected to the exhaust fan to provide the rate of ‘rolling boil’.  A graphic HMI display enables Mark Easterbrook and his team to maintain a check on the overall process.

The installation is an excellent example of Lanemark’s process burner technology being applied to the specialist and growing area of micro-breweries – Mark Easterbrook points out that there are now approximately 1000 such operations in the country.  His own facility builds on an historic brewing legacy on the site which is now seeing healthy business achieved through local pubs, wholesalers, local retail outlets and farm shops.  He also points to a growing number of direct sales to visitors.

“From the outset, we took the view that using the best available equipment would help us achieve the most efficient and successful micro-brewery operation that we could, and our close work with AB UK has demonstrated this approach throughout the installation,” adds Mark Easterbrook.  “The use of the Lanemark burner system is fundamental to this and is now playing a reliable and controllable role in developing our brewing business.”