Case Study
Customer: Nene Valley Brewery
Application: Micro-Brewery Process Heating
Product: Lanemark TX30

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  Lanemark Gas Burner Design Helps Optimise Production At Oundle's Nene Valley Micro-Brewery
31 October 2013

A reputation for brewing that is associated with the Northamptonshire town of Oundle has now been enhanced by the recent opening of the Nene Valley Brewery – a name that was last seen some 50 years ago.  At the heart of the brewing facility is a range of equipment specified and installed by AB UK who have sourced the most efficient and proven units available – including a gas burner system from Lanemark International.

“A TX 30 modulating gas and air burner system has been installed onto the 68-inch diameter copper at the site,” explains Adrian Langford, General Manager at Lanemark International.  “The TX burner system fires through the wall of the vessel into a submerged tubular heat exchanger – the products of combustion being pulled through the system by an exhaust fan to ensure optimum distribution of heat within the liquid.”

The arrangement uses the available natural gas supply at the site and is both efficient and controllable, as Nene Valley Brewery’s owner Richard Simpson explains –

“The heat-up time is extremely good with the burner initiated as soon as the liquid covers a level probe.  By the end of its transfer from the mash tun to a total depth of 41 inches, the temperature has been fully raised to just below boiling with a controlled ‘rolling boil’ then held to optimise the brewing process.”   Control is achieved digitally by automatic control during warm up and subsequently manually using a temperature controller wired to a stainless steel immersion temperature sensor.

Richard Simpson also highlights cost and efficiency benefits of the Lanemark gas system compared to steam or electric alternatives.   “We even use the kettle to heat water which we then pump into the electrically-powered hot liquor tank alongside,” he says.  “Cleaning operations are also very simple, helped by the fact that the heat is spread evenly along the tube system.”

From modest origins in July 2011, which saw Nene Valley Brewery operating with just a two and a half barrel facility, the company moved into its new river-side premises at the end of that year and now operates a 15 barrel installation.  Brewing is undertaken once a week with a range of products distributed to local pubs, wholesalers and direct to the public. 

“The town has long had an association with brewing and we are delighted to have been able to revive the Nene Valley Brewery name,” adds Richard Simpson.  “We believe our products are well regarded which, in our view, results directly from our brewing skill and the use of the optimum equipment – of which the Lanemark heating system is a prime example.”