Case Study
Customer: Beta Automotive
Application: Spraybooth Refurbishment
Product: DB Duct Burner

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  Lanemark Duct Burner Efficiency Enhances Leading Spraybooth Refurbishment Capability
31 December 2011

The efficiency, control accuracy and robust design of process heating duct burners supplied by Lanemark International Ltd has now enabled one of the UK’s leading spraybooth maintenance and refurbishment companies to enhance its capability. Beta Automotive, part of the Lancashire-based Beta Group, has replaced indirect fired air heating systems with Lanemark direct fired alternatives.

The leading reputation that Beta Automotive has gained in its industry – particularly for large-scale spraybooths – is closely associated with the efficient provision of heated air. Undertaking work for a long list of customers, the company provides both a refurbishment and maintenance capability for a wide range of users – from those involving commercial vehicles and trains, to aircraft and even ships.

The recent decision to specify Lanemark equipment has been centred on the company’s commitment to providing quality installations and, in particular, the need to deliver efficient process heat in a very energy conscious environment. Spraybooth Division Manager, Dave Meehan explains –

“Many older spraybooths have utilised inefficient indirect fired systems – which incorporate air to air heat exchangers,” he says. “However, the Lanemark DB duct burner system, in which the process air is heated directly by the combustion process, has enabled us to maximise the efficiency and control that we are now able to build into each refurbishment project. This has enabled us to demonstrate significant fuel savings to our customers with a very short payback period.

“This was an important decision for us and one which was aided by the service and input that we received from Lanemark’s design engineers who understood the process in detail and were able to work closely with our own system builders. The result, we believe, is the optimum configuration for each installation.”

Beta Automotive refurbishment projects often focus on spraybooth chambers that can be up to four metres wide, eight metres long and three metres in height, and can be up to 20 years old. To meet the requirements that result, a wide range of duct burner sizes and output capabilities is needed. The ten standard size options in the Lanemark range enable the most suitable system to be selected for each project, which again impacts directly on performance efficiency.

“Each of our duct burner installations can be specified with a pre-programmed sequence of spray and bake cycles, which meets one of the key requirements of the spraybooth air heating sector,” comments Lanemark International’s General Manager Adrian Langford. “The units offer key features that are all reflected by the installations undertaken by Beta Automotive, including low emissions and high turn-down ratios of up to 30:1.

“Beta Group installations typically range between 220kW and 295kW. The versatile design allows each to be tailored precisely to the user’s requirements,” adds Adrian Langford, who highlights the fact that the heat output is 100% of the available energy input.

The refurbishment of spraybooth installations enables Beta Automotive customers to optimise their existing plant utilisation and inevitably depends on the provision of proven, reliable components. The decision by the company to select Lanemark burner systems pays testimony both to the duct burner manufacturer and also to the belief in providing high quality solutions that has been central to the success that the Beta Group has enjoyed for more than 20 years.