Case Study
Customer: P J Heat Exchangers
Application: Heat Exchanger Refurbishment
Product: Lanemark TX

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  Leading Plate Heat Exchanger Refurbishment Service Gains From Lanemark Gas Fired Immersion Tube Process Tank Heating Technology
30 September 2010

The installation of two process tank heating systems from specialist manufacturer Lanemark International Ltd. is now playing a central role in the success being enjoyed by one of the UK’s leading refurbishers of plate heat exchangers. The heating accuracy and control achieved at PJ Heat Exchangers site in Barnsley is at the heart of the cleaning process which is a key part of the company’s maintenance service.

From industries as diverse as brewing and offshore exploration, heat exchangers are a crucial element in a wide variety of operating systems. The inevitable scaling that results can be addressed by regular maintenance and cleaning procedures – the field in which PJ Heat Exchangers has developed a leading UK and, increasingly, international reputation. It is in this context that the ability and accuracy of Lanemark’s systems is proving so beneficial as Managing Director, Vince Moore explains –

“Each unit that arrives on site is dismantled into its individual components which, in every case, includes multiple heat exchanger plates fabricated in a range of materials from stainless steel to titanium,” he says. “These are then processed through a three tank cleaning process – two of which are heated by Lanemark systems, where the heating accuracy and control has proved to be highly beneficial.”

The stainless steel process tanks themselves, each of which is capable of holding up to 5,850 litres of solution and accommodating plates up to 2.7 metres in length, have also been manufactured by Lanemark. The heat exchanger plates are loaded upon a jig suspended from an overhead crane that lowers them first into a caustic wash and then through a cold rinse before transfer to the second heated tank, containing acid. Finally, the plates are jet washed to complete the cleaning process. This combination of processes removes all grease, oils and limescale from the products enabling them then to be moved on to a testing process to check for defects – ahead of re-assembly, with failed plates replaced, and despatch back to the customer.

“Each of the heated tanks features a TX-25EN heating system with a common exhaust fan to further save on energy consumption,” explains Lanemark’s Sales Director, Jeff Foster. “The gas burners are mounted externally and fire through the tank wall into a multi-pass 2.5 inch immersed tube heat exchanger. Our in-house TxCalc computer program indicated an anticipated efficiency level of some 80% but, in practice, the figure has proven to be nearer 90% which, clearly, both we and PJ Heat Exchangers are delighted to report.”

Vince Moore makes a direct comparison between the figures arising from the use of Lanemark’s gas process heating technology and an electricity-based alternative. “Our assessment was that natural gas would be a far more cost effective heating medium when combined with the Lanemark TX high efficiency heating system,” he says. He points out that the Lanemark installations take no more than 30 minutes to bring the caustic and acid solutions up to the optimum operating temperature of 70/80°C.

With 24-hour/7-day operation available to customers – including a 24-hour emergency service where required – the need for the heating systems at PJ Heat Exchangers to operate efficiently and reliably needs little emphasis, particularly as every item processed necessarily passes through the cleaning stages.

“The relocation to our current premises a couple of years ago allowed us to consider the use of mains gas for our heating operations for the first time,” adds Vince Moore, “and, upon assessment, we had no hesitation in turning to Lanemark’s technology.

“Since then, the equipment has proven itself in terms of performance and reliability and with the back up of the company’s BurnerCare service, which encompasses all maintenance and spare part supplies, we are confident that the excellent reputation that we have built in recent times in our sector will continue well into the future,” he concludes.